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On-site Feng Shui Audit - Residential

On-site Feng Shui Audit - Residential
On-site Feng Shui Audit - Residential
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Having a home Feng Shui consultation is a powerful catalyst for enriching your own life outcomes. It will help you create and enjoy a harmonious and inspiring living space. When you get the best out of your home feng shui, your life responds and becomes happier, more successful and healthier. This service will focus on your priorities to help transform your life positively. Dependable and practical Feng Shui recommendations from Master Ip will invariably transform how your home supports you and consequently help you to achieve the outcomes you seek. 

If you are planning additions or renovations to your property, a Feng Shui audit will give you ideas to create a balanced harmonious feeling, while avoiding negative aspects.  

On-site Feng Shui Audit - Residential

The service includes:

  1. A detailed on-site survey of your property by Master Ip in person
  2. Analysis and assessment of your needs and objectives
  3. Final recommendations and remedies for Feng Shui improvement
  4. A written report and a follow-up meeting with the Master

Points to Note:

  1. Property must be located in Hong Kong.
  2. Advance booking is necessary. Contact Master Ip by phone, Whatsapp, email etc. for an initial discussion.
  3. The charge for this service may vary according to your requirements and size of the property. No need to order online.

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