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Agarwood Bracelet - Earth Element

Agarwood Bracelet - Earth Element
Agarwood Bracelet - Earth Element
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About FG feng shui bracelets

FG feng shui bracelets meld feng shui vital energy with designs based on the five element theory. Each item is customised, hand-made and spiritually activated by Master Feng Ip. The core element of FG’s spiritually-charged bracelets is agarwood or red sandalwood bead - known to have the power of protection and healing. According to the five element theory, designs also incorporate carefully sourced, high quality precious and semi-precious gems, silver, gold and jadeite.


  • Health & Purification
  • Overcome Fear & Worry
  • Fulfillment of Desires & Prosperity
  • Good Luck & Protection from Negativity
  • Love, Intimacy & Confidence


  • This item features 8 X 15/16mm (depending on wrist size) Agarwood beads from Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • More suitable for men

Choosing the right bracelet

The simplest way to choose a suitable FG bracelet is to make a decision using your favorite color.  If your favorite color is GREEN, you need a Wood Element bracelet. Browse in that category and find the design you like best, agarwood has stronger healing power while red sandalwood of more protective power. Depending on the type of wood and gems used, prices sometimes vary a great deal. If you do not have any preference for color, or if you want a balance of all five energies, choose in the Harmony category.

Select your bracelet size. Please note that the pictures of the bracelet are for reference purpose only. The actual item made for you may not look exactly the same. The Master may make a slight variation to the design to fit your wrist size, usually by altering the spacer beads or adding/reducing the number of the beads.

Colors and Five Elements:

  • Green - Wood Element
  • Red, pink, violet - Fire Element
  • Yellow, brown - Earth Element
  • White, grey, silver, gold - Metal Element
  • Black, blue - Water Element

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