A chic, minimalist style is used in this 58 m2 apartment. This apartment is designed according to my feng shui theory. While we may be used to seeing more traditional spaces for families to gather, there are plenty of ways to dress them up while still being practical. Custom furniture is made with flexibility to meet the requirements of household storage.


The owner is a native French expatriate living in Hong Kong with his wife and two daughters. A modern interior style with ample storage space is required. Darren Design paid attention to the proportion of the space planning on the open kitchen and living areas. A foldable dining table (Ferrure de table Party à encastrer from France) built into a full height cabinet is used to save space. TV wall cabinet is used to create a slim partition. Loft beds are designed for all bedrooms giving more space for storage. 


Darren used automated circadian lighting from walalight and climate control system from Ambi Climate for smart living. Movable power plugs from EUBIQ Singapore are installed throughout the apartment.








For more information and design from Darren, please visit his website Darren Interior Design